2 Boys struck by lightning, miraculously survives

2 Boys struck by lightning, miraculously survives

- Two boys struck by a lightning bolt at school

- They were reportedly standing underneath a tree

- Both boys suffered burns, but are okay

2 Boys struck by lightning, miraculously survives

On Thursday, 10-year-old Dylan van Wyk and 11-year-old Ethan Jacobs were struck by lightning at Ballie Park Primary School, in Potchefstroom.

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Aletta Myburgh, Ethan’s mother, said the two boys were walking from their classroom to the after-school centre.

According to Myburgh, lightning struck when Dylan walked over to Ethan, who was standing under a tree.

Apparently the lightning bolt hit the ground, and struck them from below.

Myburgh said Ethan was dead, but the teachers immediately began with cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

They managed to revive Ethan twice, but he continued to lose consciousness. Luckily the paramedics arrived shorty after.

Myburgh said she rushed straight to Mediclinic Potchefstroom, where doctors conducted tests on Ethan immediately after his arrival. They took different scans and sonars to try and determine the damage Ethan’s body sustained.

Myburgh reported that her son’s feet were at that point already a bluish discoloration.

Briefly.co.za gathered from Maroela Media that Ethan is currently being treated in the intensive care unit. As a result of the lightning, Ethan has toxins in his body. He will be hospitalised at least five more days, until the toxins are excreted from his body by urine.

According to Myburgh, Ethan is in a lot of pain. She continued by saying one can see the fear in his eyes.

Russel Meiring, spokesperson for ER24, said the boys were in the school’s emergency room when paramedics arrived at about 13:30. He continued by saying that one of the two boys was in critical condition, while the other one had mild injuries

Both boys suffered burns, and was given pain relief medication before they were taken to the hospital.

Marilise van Wyk, Dylan’s mother, confirmed that her son has been discharged from the hospital on Friday.

According to van Dyk, Dylan is suffering from short term memory loss. She said that he can only recall parts of what happened.

According to Dylan, he walked towards Ethan, to tell him they should not stand under a tree, but his warnings came too late, as lightning struck shortly after that.

After the blow, Dylan stopped breathing and temporarily loss his eye sight. Van Wyk recalls that they called her at work, she grabbed her keys and cell phone, and arrived with the ambulance at the school.

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Van Wyk said her son had burns from his head to his toes, but they are just thankful both boys are okay.

She said it is only grace from above!

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Source: Buzz.briefly.co.za

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