How Papa Penny started coining it

How Papa Penny started coining it

- Papa Penny is a unique and talented artist

- The charismatic artist has won the hearts and souls of South Africa

- His rise to fame is a true rags to riches story

Papa Penny AKA Giyani Kulani Kobane is a real rags to riches story, one that could be fit for Hollywood. He was working as a janitor, on the verge of being homeless when a miracle happened and he was offered a record deal.

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He experienced a meteoric rise to fame becoming a multi-platinum selling artist, filling up stadiums across South Africa.

As if being a famous pop star was not enough he ventured into politics where he became a popular member of the African National Congress.

Joe Shirimani, a successful producer, knew there was something special about Penny when he auditioned for him, he got Penny to sing back up for some other artists and convinced the label to let Penny record a demo. Incidentally, Penny was the janitor for the record label.

His first three tracks impressed the label so much that they immediately signed off on an entire album for Penny.

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In what must have been a world record, Shirmani and Penny cut the record in just seven days. Penny's debut album, Shaka Bundu was released six months after apartheid ended.

20 years after apartheid and Penny's first record he is still going strong, with his own TV show and ability to still perform sellout concerts.

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