The 10 wealthiest pastors in 2017 and their net worth

The 10 wealthiest pastors in 2017 and their net worth

- Religion has become big business

- The pastors on this list have a massive net worth in the millions of dollars

- The majority are based in Nigeria and the US

Religion is apparently quite a profitable industry with a number of extremely wealthy individuals have made their money through the church in one way or another. has put together a list with the help of of the worlds richest pastors and their net worth.

Some of their income comes from donations made by their congregants as well as tithes, which is 10% of a person's income. However, many of the pastors own other businesses which generate their income.

1. Bishop David Oyedepo

David Oyedepo is the wealthiest pastor in Nigeria and the world with a massive net worth of $150-million. He is the founder of the Living Faith World Outreach Ministry which he established in 1981. He performs three services each Sunday and presides over one of the largest congregations in Africa. He owns several homes in the UK and US as well as his own fleet of private jets.

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2. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Chris Oyakhilome is another Nigerian pastor, although he is number two on the list he trails behind Oyedeop by $100-million. His total net worth is $50-million, and his church has 40,000 members which include the likes of successful businessmen and politicians. Besides being a pastor he owns several businesses including magazines, newspapers, a TV station, a record label, hotels, a satellite TV service and a real estate company.

3. Pastor Benny Hinn

Benny Hinn is an American pastor and is not far behind Oyakhilome with a net worth of $42-million. He has become famous for his crusades in which he performs miracles in packed stadium around the country. These healing events are broadcast on television as well.

4. Dr Creflo Dollar

The net worth starts to drop dramatically at this point in the list with Creflo Dollar coming in with $27-million. Dollar is a US-based televangelist by trade and a Word of Faith teacher. He founded the non-denominational World Changers Church International. His fortune has been built on a simple message, “It is the will of God for you to prosper in every way.”

5. Billy Graham

Billy Graham is also an American pastor but of the Southern Baptist variety with a net worth of $25-million. He broadcasts his sermons on the radio as well as television. In 1950 he founded the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in 1950.

6. Bishop T. D Jakes

Jakes is a US-based pastor who has a net worth of $18-million and presides over The Potter's House. This is a non-denominational American mega-church with over 30,000 members. He hosts an annual MegaFest which draws crowds of over 100,000 people.

7. Prophet T.B Joshua

Temitope Balogun Joshua is a Nigerian pastor who is often mentioned on television and radio for his controversial opinions and beliefs. He runs the Synagogue Church of All Nations which he founded in 1987. He preaches through his church and his own television network, Emmanuel TV. His net worth is $15-million.

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8. Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo

Matthew Ashimolowo is another Nigerian pastor who operates the Kingsway International Christian Center. His net worth is $10-million. Although he is Nigerian he operates in the UK, his Pentecostal church is the largest in the island country.

9. Rev. Chris Okotie

Chris Okotie was a Nigerian pop star in the 1980's and made a career change and turned to God. He founded the Household of God Church. He is a car lover and owns a number of luxury cars including a Rolls Royce and Porsche. His net worth is $10-million.

10. Rev. Joseph Prince

Joseph Prince is a pastor based in Singapore and is a senior member of the New Creation Church. His annual salary is $550,000 and has a net worth of $5-million. He also hosts a religious programme called Destined to Reign.

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