'He's my brother!' Lifelong friends find out they are siblings

'He's my brother!' Lifelong friends find out they are siblings

- The two men had been friends since playing football together at school

- By the time they got the news they had already known each other for 60 years

- They each learned about their family bond separately

Technology today has made it possible for people to investigate their family trees using samples of their DNA submitted to an online service.

Such technology is responsible for the knowledge Lifelong friends Alan Robinson and Walter MacFarlane today have of a sibling bond.

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The two, who had been best friends for over 60 years, are actually related by blood both having the same birth mother.

Briefly.co.za learned of their story in a news report which described the men as feeling "overwhelmed" at their discovering that they are not just friends, but brothers too.

Robinson had been adopted, and MacFarlane had never known his father growing up, so each were keen to learn more about their ancestry and took a DNA test to trace details of their origins.

The DNA-matching websites told MacFarlane he had been found a top match - someone with identical X chromosomes - with the username Robi737.

Meanwhile, Robinson who pilots Boing 737 air-planes for a living, had used the same website to find answers about his ancestry, hence the username he chose - Robi737.

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After realising the connection, the pair learned they have the same birth mother. "This is the best Christmas present I could ever imagine having," Mr Robinson said.

Both men reportedly had never even once considered that they might in fact be related.

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