Most memorable Zuma 2017 moments

Most memorable Zuma 2017 moments

- Love him or hate him, nobody could even claim Jacob Zuma hasn't been entertaining, especially in 2017

- Pictures of the president have become popular fodder for meme creators and the twitterverse

- Here is a collection of some of the most memorable times in 2017 in no particular order:

The SONA 2017 fiasco

So much chaos erupted at this event, Deputy Speaker, Lechesa Tsenoli struggled to keep order in Parliament. In fairness to Zuma, all members of the DA and ANC who were present at the SONA Debate contributed to making this moment memorable.

Various Anti-Zuma marches

While not an action by the president himself it qualifies as a notable Zuma moment because it was centred around him. The #ZumaMustFall campaign got a lot of people all over South Africa and on social media hot under the collars.

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That time he narrowly beat a vote of no-confidence

The South African Parliament held its 9th motion of no confidence against President Jacob Zuma which he survived by 21 votes and the public was completely amazed that he managed to do it!

Announcing free education out of the blue

As the country was eagerly waiting for the start of the much anticipated ANC elective conference, and even as his Finance minister was addressing a breakfast meeting of business leaders, Zuma announces free tertiary education for 2018.

After three years of #FeeMustFall demonstrations by university students across the country and an earlier announced that government will help with loans to subsidise free higher education for poor and working class students. Did his finance minister even know he was going to pull this card out his sleeve? And why was he so reluctant to clearly say where the money for this was going to come from?

And finally, Zuma’s reaction to Ramphosa’s election as president of the ANC

This most recent moment involving Jacob Zuma is especially notable because it shows Zuma acting very unlike his usually cheerful self.

Due to the sharp camera skills of reporter, Nickolaus Bauer, on the scene as the announcements were made we can all see how his demeanour changed instantly to a very serious one.

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