4 reasons why BLF believe Archbishop Makgoba serves Satan

4 reasons why BLF believe Archbishop Makgoba serves Satan

- Archbishop Thabo Cecil Makgoba is the Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town

- He has been an outspoken critic of President Zuma and isn’t afraid to speak his mind from the pulpit

- He recently urged the ANC to remove Zuma during the delivery of his Christmas sermon

Black First Land First (BLF) have put it on record that they believe Archbishop Makgoba is “serving Satan” in his words and work.

The party described Makgoba as an evil man masquerading as a man of God. “The devil in pious robes is what defines the Archbishop of the colonial Anglican Church…(his) duplicity knows no boundaries…he is a servant of Satan himself,” was the way the party put it in a statment.

Why though do they feel this way about him? Briefly.co.za has learned there seem to be four main reasons.

(Disclaimer: This isn't a parody story, BLF do really believe this stuff)

1. He serves WMC’s evil agenda

BLF believes Makgobo has sinned against the One True God and against the souls of the Marikana workers through his serving of the evil agenda of white monopoly capital.

According to the party, the Archbishop is evil and has no shame about his efforts in preventing the alleviation of the pain of Marikana workers using the holy church.

BLF claim the Archbishop has been abusing the pulpit in order to advance the evil agenda of white monopoly capital under the direction of the “Stellenbosch Mafia king, Johann Rupert.”

2. He allowed Steinhoff to disappear with billions

The party wants is unhappy with the dominant narrative that the man of God is working against corruption and accuses him of remaining silent on “the biggest corruption of 2017, when the white-owned Steinhoff took away R17 billion from the pensions of our people.”

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“Where is the voice of Makgoba when Pravin Gordhan and his friends fleece R4.5 billion from Treasury? Where is the voice of the man of God on on-going mass evictions of the poor and landless from farms and cities?” ask BLF members.

3. He takes the side of white farmers

Andile Mngxitama’s party stressed that Archbishop Makgoba is a friend and servant of white monopoly capital and therefor they deduce that he will have to have chosen the side of “the racist white farmers against the people”.

4. He is cooking up a plot to stage a coup against Zuma

BLF say the “handlers of the Archbishop are impatient about getting rid of Jacob Zuma so that they can slaughter his radical economic transformation plans like the workers of Marikana.” Furthermore, they argue that the Archbishop is part of an “evil attempt to effect a coup against President Zuma by agents of white monopoly capital” saying the pressing need of the people isn’t regime change.

“Our people want land expropriation without compensation… (they) want to share in the mineral rights of our country. We want implementation of the announced free education. We want the reserve bank nationalised. These are the pressing needs…”

BLF have announced a call to all South Africans to try to save this man from his evil path. Calling on South Africans “to pray for Archbishop Makgoba to repent of his evil ways and to ask for the Lord’s mercy.”


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