Cashier says God told him to pay for woman's groceries

Cashier says God told him to pay for woman's groceries

- A cashier nearing the end of his shift said he heard God’s voice telling him to pay for one of his customer’s shopping

- The cashier is a student working to pay his way through his studies to become a missionary

- The young man and the woman he helped were later reunited through social media

Have you ever had a feeling, like a voice telling you to do something, that you just can’t ignore?

Nicholas Tate, a cashier working while studying towards a calling as a missionary, is no stranger to following the a call from God.

He says he heard the voice of God one day as he was finishing off his shift at an all-night supermarket chain. learned of the unusual story online.

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It was late on a Friday night and there was a long line of customers waiting to be served. Some were getting impatient having been in the queue for some time as a customer he Tate was serving struggled to pay for groceries. She was specifically struggling to figure out how to use a low-income assistance program to buy groceries for an infant among the group of three children she was fostering.

Programs of social support have all kinds of restrictions, and the woman was totally unfamiliar with this one having only set it up that morning which made everything take much longer.

"She had a good amount of items and most of them went through," explained Tate, "but she apparently didn't have the right formula and it wouldn't go through," and of course she needed that baby formula most of all. Even after running a separate transaction for the baby formula, the purchase just wasn't going through.

Tate stayed calm trying to help the woman through the transaction, but when things didn't work out he took matters into his own hands after what he describes as the voice of God, inspiring him to help her.

The customer later shared her story on social media. "[There were] more customers, more grumbling and dirty looks as they moved to the other lane and I'm frustrated and trying not to cry," she wrote on Facebook. "At this point, a lady we know came up and asked why I was causing so many problems. I told her I was just failing as a foster mom because I can't figure out WIC and almost burst into tears right there."

When the payment wouldn't go through, Tate paid for the formula himself. "I already had my card out at that point," he remembered. "I felt like God was telling me to pay for it. The second it didn't work I swiped my card."

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In the heat of the moment, the woman didn't catch her kind benefactor’s name, but after she shared her story on Facebook the two were reunited so she could thank him.

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