5 times Fikile Mbalula reminded us of The Simpson's Chief Wiggum

5 times Fikile Mbalula reminded us of The Simpson's Chief Wiggum

Anyone familiar with The Simpsons will know it has seemed to serve as a warning to future generations. The show predicted many world events from the rise of Donald Trump to power 15 years before it happened, and even seemed to foresee events like 9/11 and an Ebola outbreak.

South Africans might be wondering if the show has tied Chief Wiggum and Fikile Mbalula together? Has the lovable yet bumbling Police Chief from the animated TV show, Clancy Wiggum, actually predicted the career of SA’s own chief of police extraordinaire, Filike Mbalula?

1. Stopping an illegal activity by accident

During the August 2017 vote of no confidence against Jacob Zuma whilst heading to cast his ballot, DA leader Mmusi Maimane took his phone out of his pocket - an illegal action during a vote.

Through sheer ‘right place, right time-ism’, Mbalula spotted him and spoke up about the rule being broken. Taking no actual police work nor discernible skill it was pure, unfiltered good luck. Something Chief Wiggum knows all about…

In the season three of the show, Clancy thwarted an ongoing bank robbery when his jar of coins knocks the bank robber out.

Season three Chief Wiggum

"Just doing my job!" Pic: The Simpsons

2. Endorsing police brutality

The war on crime in South Africa is a sensitive subject with many issues including talk about sending the army into gang-plagued areas requiring more nuanced and rational debate than South African's Chief of police has become known for.

In the last few months, we’ve already heard some remarks from Mbalula peppered with vlugar references recommending that criminals be made to soil themselves and be castrated much like the casual thumbs-up for police brutality straight out of the Wiggum playbook. ON the show Springfield’s bumbling head honcho revealed what life is really life on the inside for hardened criminals. Or in this case, telemarketing scammers…

Lisa’s Date With Density.

“Bread and water, icy showers, guards whomping your ass around the clock. And the only way out… is suicide” – Chief Wiggum. Pic: The Simpsons

3. Oops - cover blown spectacularly!

Despite the need to keep allegations of state capture under wraps, Mbalula proved he had dropped the ball when at Christmas he tweeted his warmest wishes for the holidays, but forgot that he had left his location switched on.

Since Dubai is the epicentre of the Gupta family’s operations where numerous business and shell companies implied in state capture work from it has been touted as the safe haven those implicated in state capture would flee to if there were ever a chance they might face criminal charges.

This particular scenario is almost exactly like an incident from season 12’s Trilogy of Error when Chief Wiggum uses Bart to squeeze information from the mafia. Upon hearing the voice of notorious mobster Fat Tony, Clancy can’t help himself and speaks into the microphone of his listening device.

Trilogy of Error Simpsons still

“Fat Tony, is that you?” Pic: The Simpsons

4. Lack of self awareness

Weeks after becoming Police Chief, Fikile Mbalula raised eyebrows with words where he claimed, while talking about improving the police service that ‘you can’t be a policeman and have a big tummy’.

Clearly he classes himself as a fairly well-trimmed, fit and ready representative of the law by saying that. However, even Chief Wiggum doesn't exhibit such self delusion since his character shared this pearl of advice with his son Ralph, during season four’s I Love Lisa episode:

Wiggum Man in uniform quip

Pic: The Simpsons (Season 4)

5. Wrongful arrests galore

The Simpsons police chief has got things wrong more than a few times and wrongfully arrested Homer Simpson, Krusty the Clown and Groundskeeper Willie.

In a grandiose show of force on social media and across the country's headlines, Fikile Mbalula triumphantly boasted he and his top officers had busted 10 drug dealers in the Western Cape, sharing the news through his almost infamous Twitter account.

It turned out though that the 10 men they arrested had nothing to do with crime in the province. They were in the area to transport a body for a funeral. It was a positively Wiggum-esque move from our Chief.

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