Which celeb would you pick for president of SA?

Which celeb would you pick for president of SA?

After Oprah gave an acceptance speech of the Cecile B. DeMille Award at the 2018 Golden Globes she became a hot topic in America.

A new hashtag started trending #Oprah2020 calling for the talk show host to run for president of the USA.

At this point, anything looks better than the "stable genius" Donald Trump. Whether she will take up the challenge is still unknown, perhaps Oprah will be the first female president of the USA.

If we could choose one of our celebs to run for the highest office who would it be? Who would deserve your vote?

Briefly.co.za put together this list with the help of huffingtonpost.co.za:

1. Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah has international recognition, and his satirical commentary on international events have earned him the respect of millions. He is charismatic and intelligent, perfect president material.

2. ProVerb

Another charismatic celeb, ProVerb would definitely look good in Parliament.

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3. Black Coffee

Black Coffee is half-way there being that he has already been dubbed a national key point. He might not be able to sing as well as Jacob Zuma but he would definitely throw a massive party. He is also very invested in helping those less fortunate than himself.

4. Basetsana Kumalo

A former Miss SA, Basetsana Kumalo already has represented South Africa. She moves in different circles now as a leading showbiz businesswoman who helps young South Africans find work.

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5. Connie Ferguson

Already a triple threat as an actress, TV producer and co-owner of a production company, Connie Ferguson has been involved in the creation of hit series such as "The Queen". She knows what people want and how to give it to them which makes her an ideal candidate for president.

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Source: Buzz.briefly.co.za

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