They love us! South Africa ranked 5th most beautiful country by travel guide readers

They love us! South Africa ranked 5th most beautiful country by travel guide readers

- South Africa has ranked number five on the most beautiful country list

- It beat off some stiff competition such as Ireland and Mexico+

- We are proud to call South Africa our home

South Africa is a country which has rich diversity, both in nature and people. When tourists visit our shores they are often blown away by the tremendous beauty and activities on hand. discovered that Rough Guide has released a list of the most beautiful countries in the world. The list is constantly updated as their readers vote for the countries they find the most beautiful.

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The list includes some of the most breathtaking countries in the world from tropical paradises like Vietnam to winter wonderlands like Finland according to

The latest list which was published places South Africa as No. 5, beating other countries such as Ireland, Norway, Switzerland and India.

The number one spot went to Scotland, its neighbours Wales, Ireland and England also made it onto the list.

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Here is the list:

20. Vietnam

Vietnam has some impressive landscapes including the terraced fields of the Sa Pa Mountains.

19 Croatia

Croatia's terracotta skylines of cities such as Dubrovnik and Split against the backdrop of the Adriatic sea has earned it the No. 19 spot.

18. Ireland

Ireland's green hills and rocky coastlines are the perfect romantic holiday destination.

17. Norway

Glacial peaks and modern cities make Norway a favourite tourist destination.

16. Peru

Peru's diverse landscapes have landed it at No. 16 on the list.

15. Switzerland

The snow-covered mountains offer a wide variety of winter activities for tourists.

14. Finland

Finland's stunning Nordic landscapes have landed it at No. 14.

13. India

The colourful culture, food and lush landscapes make India a must-see holiday destination.

12. Mexico

Mexico has history, breathtaking sites, and culture are a definite destination for travellers.

11. Slovenia

The stunning hot springs alongside the breathtaking glacial Lake Bled and the beautiful city of Ljubljana make Slovenia a beautiful country.

10. Wales

The castles, heritage sites and quaint visits have earned Wales a special place in tourists hearts.

9. The USA

The variety of landscapes on off In the US is amazing which lands it at No. 9.

8. Iceland

The volcanic mountains and black sand beaches offer a unique holiday destination.

7. England

The historic sites and stunning coastal cities have allowed England to reach No. 7.

6. Indonesia

Indonesia ranks in at No 6, with the myriad of islands to visit and beautiful mountains it's not hard to see why.

5. South Africa

South Africa is a truly unique destination with diverse wildlife and activities on hand.

4. Italy

The culture, food and history, as well as natural beauty, land Italy at No. 4.

3. New Zealand

The rolling hills, majestic mountains and amazing diversity makes New Zealand a favourite.

2. Canada

Canada's vast wild frontier and beautiful attractions land it at No. 2.

1. Scotland

At the top spot, Scotland has breathtaking mountains and ragged hills. It was voted the best holiday destination by Rough Guide.

Despite all of these wonderful places, there really is no place like home and we are proudly South African.

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