5 jobs that every company needs

5 jobs that every company needs

- Companies throughout the world need these 5 departments to function

- They perform key functions

- If you work in one of these departments then you could work anywhere in the world

There a few jobs that exist in almost all companies in one form or another. They ensure that the company runs smoothly by focusing on five key areas but are often not the main purpose of the business according to careers24.com.

Briefly.co.za learned that if you choose to focus on one of these careers then it should be no problem for you to find work in almost any country or company in the world.

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1. Administrative Department

These are the people who make the sure that the day to day paperwork is completed, they are the clerks, the secretaries, the receptionists, office managers and PAs. The administrative assistants take care of the constant deluge of emails, meetings and maintain order amid potential chaos.

2. Human Resources Department

The human resource department makes sure that companies have employees. They hire, train/retrain, handle employee performance and anything else that relates to labour.

This department makes sure that the employees are happy and know what they are doing.

3. Finance Department

Companies need money and they need people to handle the money. Whether its a small company or a large business they will need to pay rent, employees and deal with tax issues. They will need to keep track of who has paid and who needs to be paid.

4. Sales and Marketing

All companies need to sell their products and services. This department helps to create awareness among the population. These departments work together to make sure that people know about the product or service and they can pay for it.

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5. Tech Department

Companies these days work with computers and these computers need to run properly. This department is like human resources for computers. This department can include IT specialists, technicians and programmers.

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