Black mum gives birth to 2 white children: Baffling doctors

Black mum gives birth to 2 white children: Baffling doctors

- Children born to mixed race couples most often have skin almost as dark as the lightest of their parents but a black woman gave birth to what can only be described as white children not just once but twice

- Catherine Howarth at first thought her son was albino until tests proved he was just light skinned

- The mother has had to deal with people who think she is the children's nanny simply because she has darker skin than her children

A black woman of Nigerian descent has left her doctor’s flumoxed after twice having given birth to light skinned childen with blue eyes.

The first time Catherine Howarth, who is a British citizen, had a light skinned child was when her son, Jonah, was born.

Doctors and nurses, as well as Howarth herself were shocked that he had fair skin and blue eyes.

As if the one birth wasn’t enough of a shock, she did it again in 2016 when her daughter Sophia was born, again with fair skin and blue eyes. read that Catherine's husband, Richard Howarth is white, but doctors still expected their children to have darker skin like their mother. Catherine was so shocked when she first saw her son, she asked if there was something wrong with him.

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“I was really worried and asked the doctor if everything was OK — they even did an albino test on him. Being mixed-race, we just thought that his color would come, but it never did,” Catherine said.. “It was the first time the doctors had ever seen anything like that, but they kept saying how similar our characteristics were. They said it was a million-to-one chance of happening, and it was likely our second child would be a lot darker.”

Typically mixed-race children are a blend of their two parents and often take on a slightly darker skin tone than the lighter of their two parents due to the gene for dark skin being dominant.

Doctors are now of the opinion that Catherine must have carried a dormant, fair-skin gene from a past ancestor throughout the generations.

Once she was sure her babies were healthy, Catherine’s mind was put at ease. She embraced their unexpected pigmentation and today Johnah is even a child model.

“People who stop us in the street are generally pretty nice and are just being curious. No one presumes I’m the mother. They think I’m everything but!” Catherine says. “They ask if I’m the nanny, the au pair, childminder — you name it.”

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