Alex Fourie: Can he fix it? Yes! We can!

Alex Fourie: Can he fix it? Yes! We can!

- Alex founded a range of tech related companies while only in his 20s

- Starting with a small idea, he managed to build a team of industry leading enterprises drawing on his never-say-die attitude

- He began centering his business on iDevices, but has since branched out to cover the full range of device repairs from tablets to gaming consoles

Not content to just be average, entrepreneur Alex Fourie has turned his passion for fixing things into a blooming business which shows no signs of slowing down as he moves from his 20s into his 30s. learned from researching Fourie that he started his first company, iFix, out of his student residence room at Stellenbosch University in 2006.

By 2014 had been named as one of Forbes Magazine’s top 10 Promising Young African Entrepreneurs and this year his company has decided to help keep the environment clear of clutter by committing to help with recycling mobile devices.

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His company which he named, iFix, grew into 11 shops around the country, offering repairs to apple products, servicing over 10 000 customers a month, all within seven years of its humble beginnings.

Fourie’s story is quite the rags to riches tale. A gap in the market became apparent to him after his own iPod broke. Not wanting to replace it he tried to get it repaired but was told by experts it wasn’t possible. Instead of accepting defeat, he searched online for answers.

He found YouTube tutorials which showed him exactly how to fix the device himself. Soon he was repairing his friends iPods and iPhones. A business was born.

While he was privileged enough to be able to complete a tertiary business degree at university he doesn’t attribute that to his success. “I don’t believe in the traditional tertiary education. Teach yourself a skill. You can learn anything online. Rather take the money you would’ve spent on studying at uni, go and travel and learn a skill,” he said in an interview with a tech magazine in 2015.

Since his first enterprise, he has founded a few others, each to solve what he identifies as “niche” problems.

When asked once what advice he has for others wanting to follow in his footsteps his sage advice was this: “Solve niche problems. Look through your bank statement over the past month, see what you spent money on, see what sucked, build an MVP, throw $100 behind Google ads and gooi. It’s really not that hard, just focus on unique niche problems. Don’t try and become the next Facebook.”

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Today he has branched into fixing devices other than iOs platform ones, and rebranded iFix as WeFix to reflect the wider range of services offered.

He also founded RiCharge portable charging station solutions, and has plans to expand this part of the business with others who are changing the way people do business including a major bank and a popular ride share service.

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