Liar, Liar: Train hero turns out to be a fraud

Liar, Liar: Train hero turns out to be a fraud

- The story of the heroic young man who fought off robbers on a train to protect passengers, including a pregnant woman

- When Carte Blanche investigated the story with the intention of filming an inspiring piece about Darryn August, parts of his story didn't add up

- It is believed that he made up his heroic tale in order to gain sympathy after he broke his back

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Darryn August was hailed as a real-life super hero after he told his tale of how he tried to fight of a group of attackers threatening passengers on a train, one of them being a pregnant women.

According to his story he was tragically overpowered, stabbed and thrown off a moving train. His heroic story moved the hearts of many South Africans. learned that when a Back A Buddy’s donation account was opened for August by one of his friends, South Africans donated close to half a million rand according to

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Carte Blacnce decided to investigate to film an inspiring piece about the hero, however, the more the team investigated the less credible August's story became.

The first aid responders who found August did not find any blood despite his tale of how he almost bled out from a knife wound. The hospital that treated August made no mention of any stab wounds.

He has also never been seen at the charity where he claims to have helped inspire people.

None of the witnesses could be found, not even the pregnant woman. When the team visited the spot where August was found a train came past.

Instead of racing by the train slowed to a crawl, this is when the team realised what might have actually happened.

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Some passengers jump off trains to avoid paying the R7.50 ticket at the Somerset West station. It is believed that August had attempted the same thing but jumped too soon and tragically injured himself.

The Back a Buddy charity said that August probably would still have received donations if he told the truth instead of "embellishing" his story. They said they would let the donors know and have closed the page until further notice.

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